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Make It So

Thanks for visiting! This blog is to showcase the art my Husband and I work on, and to post about things I like.
We collect Megazords, Action Figures, Masks, and Dolls. Feel free to message me with any questions!
Nov 12 '13


I just got my package from asterkurayami, with whom I recently did a trade with.

These are the things she sent me, and OMG these Monster High shoes are THE BEST EVER!! LOOK AND MARVEL AT THE BEAUTIFUL AND SYMMETRICAL OCTOPUSES!!! I’m dying of cuteness over here.
There are even little embedded stars inside, and glitter bottoms. These are absolutely gorgeous, and feel really sturdy in-hand.

My only wish is that I could wear them myself!! XD

Here is a link to her Etsy shop, where you can buy your own customized shoes:

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    Thank you again for agreeing to the trade! Sooo glad you like these x3 Hooray for Cephalopods!
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