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Make It So

Thanks for visiting! This blog is to showcase the art my Husband and I work on, and to post about things I like.
We collect Megazords, Action Figures, Masks, and Dolls. Feel free to message me with any questions!
Jul 22 '13

Holy Haunted Lollypops Batman!

Made me a wig stand for all my BJD/Monster High wigs. Sorry it’s all messy…I didn’t think to brush them out before I snapped the photo. :/

Made out of styrofoam base and balls, wooden dowels, fabric, and glue.

I can even display the eye-patch I made on there too. ♥

heh heh maybe I should stick on some googley eyes…=3=

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    They’re cool! They remind me of Abel sisters’ place in Animal Crossing.
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    I do what I can
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    LOL OMG I’M DYING OVER HERE OK yes i’m doing this. gotta get googly eyes today. XD
  10. kimievers said: I love that red wig :333
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