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Make It So

Thanks for visiting! This blog is to showcase the art my Husband and I work on, and to post about things I like.
We collect Megazords, Action Figures, Masks, and Dolls. Feel free to message me with any questions!
Jul 23 '14


Today’s secret word is: TOYS! Pee-Wee’s Playhouse toys from Matchbox.

Jul 23 '14


Artbook references For American Mcgee’s Alice: Madness Returns I found forever ago. Particularly handy for the weapon references. Thought i would share.

Jul 23 '14

slight-shower-of-blood said: that sounds a horrific nightmare *hugs*

Thanks hun! *hugs* Thankfully it’s not a permanent job role, but more of a time filler while we aren’t’ so busy.

feralworks said: I love these sketches!!

Thank you!! :D They are fun to do, and I get to really visualize how I want to dress my dolls.

feralworks said: I LOVE THEIR EYES!!!!

Thanks again! I’m so glad I found the black/blue ones in the exact same size at the black/orange ones. :O Plus they were willing to trade for a flower crown? SUPER BONUS!

Jul 23 '14

Workspace Wednesday bonus pics. :D
Working on wig stuff, as always. 3 in progress and 1 ready for a dip-dye treatment.

Jul 23 '14

New pics of Nashria~ ♥

I finally tried on this strapless dress I got her. It’s a bit big around the top, so I have it cinched up in the back with a bobby pin for now. I’ll have to take it in for it to fit any of my girls, but it is a cute dress. :)
Also tried on the black wig and feather wig to see how they look on her. Not too shabby, but nothing matches her eyebrows as-is. lol

Jul 22 '14
Early Workspace Wednesday~Filling in the skin, eye, and hair colors on the fashionary sketches.
I’ll upload some photos tomorrow of my doll project stuff.

Early Workspace Wednesday~
Filling in the skin, eye, and hair colors on the fashionary sketches.

I’ll upload some photos tomorrow of my doll project stuff.

Jul 22 '14



3d printed armor for Barbie. The files are available for $1 on Kickstarter.


Wave of the future! Wave of the future! *insert Lisa Simpson gif here*

We need a home 3D printer one day.

Jul 22 '14

oh joy

only 10 calls into this list of 2300, and omg i hate it so much already. of course nobody wants to talk to me, or knows what department i should be transferred to.

leaving voicemails, stumbling over my script, etc
This is why i fucking left those telemarketing company jobs, i can’t handle this kind of work. it’s not meant for me. jfc i want to leave already

Jul 22 '14

sicktress asked:

After you receive this you have to share five random facts about yourself and then send it to ten of your favorite followers!

Oh noes, I got tagged again! XD

Ok here are another random 5 facts about me:

  1. I LOVE chocolate. The darker the better, none of that milk chocolate stuff. 85% cacao or more!
  2. I’m not great at phone conversations… I guess I just get all nervous and junk. So of course, one of my new tasks at work is calling people from a gigantic list to see if they are interested in our services. UGH! :< Not happy about this. I’m already nervous and sweaty. shit
  3. When I start a new project or task, I love to do lots of researching before hand so I am adequately prepared.
  4. I love to sleep, a lot. Naps are so great, especially when my cat decides he wants to lay with me.
  5. I tend to blow on my food out of habit, even if it’s not hot. pffttt not sure why
Jul 22 '14


I may have just talked my husband into buying me the Pastasaurus….

But to be fair we really needed a pasta spoon, so.

GOOD CHOICE! I have qualms about some of these items, since I’ve tried them personally.

  • The garlic roller thing is total bullshit. You can only get like 2 cloves in there, and it gets clogged up inside so the gear feet don’t roll.
  • Water bottle ice cube trays, while cool in theory, are also bullshit. You can really only fill them up halfway, because if you stack them while full they all stick together.
  • I don’t have any other personal experiences with the others, but that hedgehog cheese grater looks small as shit. You aren’t going to be able to grate more than a tiny ass block o cheese with that at a time. Have fun shredding your fingertips.

(Source: epicallyfunny)